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How to Help Ukraine

The people of Ukraine need our help.

You can help support them in a few different ways. 

Woman holding a box of clothes for donation

Financial Support

If you have the means to support, please check out the list of vetted organizations that you can donate to:

Love Ukraine

Moral Support

The government of Ukraine has put out a call for support from the international community. You can do so by creating a video to post on social media including the following details:

  • Your name

  • Where you are from

  • Your connection to Ukraine and why you are lending your support for Ukraine

  • An organization that is supporting Ukraine that you would like people to support (optional)

  • End the video by saying your name and "I stand with Ukraine"


Use the hashtag #IstandwithUkraine and #IsupportUkraine and upload to your social channels. 

Love Ukraine
Love Ukraine

Contact Your Local Politician

Find a template below that you can use to contact your local politicians to express your support for Ukraine.

The Courageous Heart Foundation's mandate includes supporting the people of Ukraine and sharing Ukrainian stories. Please do your part to support the people of Ukraine today.
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