The Profiles Project

Sibling duo Natalie and Mark Semotiuk created The Profiles Project (formerly the Toronto Profiles Project) in 2018.


It started as a video interview series about artists working in Toronto in order to learn about who they were and what inspired their creative process.

Now, The Profiles Project has grown into a digital platform specifically built for artists and creative industry workers with access to resources, contacts, and the latest industry news. 

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The Profiles Project works with Courageous Heart Productions to create video interviews to amplify the current artists and creative industry workers who are working today.

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The Profiles Project


How it all began:


The Profiles Project was created to highlight the extraordinary and groundbreaking talent emerging from Toronto.


As an Actor, Casting Director and the Producer of the Toronto International Film Festival's Rising Stars Program, Natalie Semotiuk knows how to identify and promote Canadian artists. Over the years she's met many talented Canadian and International artists and wished she could do more to help. Out of this experience, the Toronto Profiles Project was born.


These videos will be posted on all forms of social media to get the news out about the motivations and projects behind these extraordinary people.


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