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Directed by Natalie Semotiuk
Produced by Emma Bulpin
Written by Emma Bulpin & Natalie Semotiuk
Director of Photography:  Artem Mykhailetskyi

Natalie Semotiuk as Kat
Emma Bulpin as Seraphina
Tammi Freeman as Disciple Tammi
Olexandra Pruchnicky as Disciple Olexandra
Katie Preston as Disciple Katie
Ilana Haley as Disciple Ilana
Alex Kolanko as Tibetan Bowl Guy
Tyler Madeley as SWAT # 1
Max Francis as SWAT #2

First AD: Alex Kolanko
Sound Mixer: Tom Mcgowen 
Art Direction: Olexandra Pruchnicky
Production Manager: Ilana Haley
Script Supervisor: Alannah Murchison
Props Master: Olexandra Pruchnicky 
Grip: Alannah Murchison
Socials Photographer: Max Francis
Editor: Alannah Murchison
Music Supervisor: Tyler Madeley 
Craft: Vanessa Mickevicius 
PA: Vanessa Mickevicius 
PA: Max Francis
PA: Tyler Madeley
Mün Logo Designer: Max Francis

Special Thanks to:

Melissa D’Agostino 
Matthew Campagna 
Andre Rehal
Niall MacPherson
Craig Scorgie 
Elizabeth Whitmere 
Jonathan Sharp 
Aidan Zoeller-Dougan
Grace Zoeller-Dougan
Rhys Zoellner-Dougan
Julia Haist
The Artisan Factory 
The Peptides


Don’t Believe in Love 
Love Question Mark
Written by Claude Marquis
Produced by The Peptides
Performed by The Peptides

This film is part of the Igniter Challenge with support from Canadian Film Fest and Firecracker Department. 

Over the Mün Poster.jpeg

Is this a wellness company or a cult?

A day in a wellness company that takes a dark turn, all under the enigmatic leadership of a charming, persuasive figure (Emma Bulpin). Kat (Natalie Semotiuk) navigates her first day in this seemingly idyllic workplace turned mystery cult. Despite assurances from colleagues, the charm begins to crack, and the more the day unfolds, the more it seems like our wellness haven might just have something more sinister in store.

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